Working Width (mm)

1250 | 1400 | 1550 | 1700 | 1850 | 2050

Brush Speed

Recommended 120 to max. 250 rpm

Weight for Base Model (kg)

157, 162, 167, 172, 177, 181


Free sweeping | Sweeping & taking up dirt | Removal of weeds

Carrier Vehicle

Yard loader | Municipal vehicles | Compact tractor (front) | Tractor (front)

Collection Container Volume (L)

148, 165, 182, 202, 220, 242

Minimum Hydraulic Power of the Carrier Vehicle (L/min)

20, 20, 25, 25, 30, 35

Water Spray Unit (optional)

Direct injection of water into the main brush and rotary side brushes;100 l / 200 l water tank, tank filter and 12 V pressure pump;240 l water tank - rear attachment;


Heavy-load wheels Ø 200 x 50 mm;optional super-elastic wheels Ø 200 x 80 mm


Your choice: mechanical drive incl. drive shaft (the incline of the drive can be adjusted) orhydraulic drive via powerful Gerotormotor with drive shaft Ø 25 mm (heavy series);

Other Equipment (optional)

Hydraulic swivel device (20° to the left/right);bema PowerPack (hydraulic power unit);bema Control (control unit) incl. wireless remote controller (from 3 functions available);

Main Brush

Ø 580 mm;PPN or snow brush PPN.Optional: steel/PPN, steel flat wire/PPN, bema Weed brush (Ø 510/560 mm);easy change of the main brush

Rotary Side Brushes (optional)

Ø 600 mm;hydraulic drive incl. bema SideControl (comfort operation, combines 3-way valve and speed controller);rotary side brushes are available for the right and/or left side.Selectable brushes: PPN, steel/PPN, steel flat wire/PPN, steel flat wire, weed brush



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