Brush Speed

Recommended 140 to 200 rpm

Weight for Base Model (kg)

145 kg without plate brush (weight varies depending on the kind of brush)215 kg plate brush with steel ropes


Removal of weeds

Carrier Vehicle

Excavator | Forklift | Yard loader | Municipal vehicles | Wheel loader up to 7 t | Tractor (front) | Telehandler

Minimum Hydraulic Power of the Carrier Vehicle (L/min)

40 l/min


Hydraulic drive with powerful Gerotormotor with drive shaft Ø 32 mm.Optional mechanical via PTO shaft

Other Equipment (optional)

bema Control (control unit) incl. wireless remote controller (from 3 functions available);

Driving Speed (km/h)

Recommended 1 to 6

Plate Brushes

3 kind of brushes are available for the bema Groby:steel ropes (44 plaits /Ø 22 mm / steel plate / working diameter Ø 780 mm):brush for environmentally friedly weed removal, banquet care on road constructionsteel flat wire/PPN mixed (no PVC / wooden plate / working diameter Ø 1100 mm );brush for outdoor cleaning (coarse / solid dirt).PPN (no PVC / wooden plate / working diameter Ø 1100 mm );brush for minor soiling, sweeping of fodder to animals


Grobi Brochure

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Weed Removal Brochure

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