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BEMA Sweepers UK and Ireland

About BEMA Sweepers UK and Ireland

As your partner in cleanliness, BEMA Sweepers UK and Ireland will tailor you the right solution.

Phil “the Brush” Bryant has been involved in marketing bema sweepers for over 22 years. Phil has an in depth of knowledge to be able to recommend the correct model of sweeper to match the type of vehicle and application that a sweeper is required for.

Phil has a very close working relationship with the factory in Germany, having visited many times and assisted at trade shows such as Agritecnica in Hanover.

Service and parts are an important factor in giving support and backup to machines that have been supplied in the UK and Ireland.

Phil ensures that spare parts for all machines supplied are normally available for next day delivery.

Bespoke solutions are available from our parent company HME Ltd, who offer design, fabrication, shot blasting and painting. www.hme.co.uk

bema GmbH is an innovative company right by your side. The sweeping machines bema GmbH develop and manufacture themselves are built solidly and dependably using superior technology. For over 80 years, the bema company has established itself as a high-performance partner in the sweeping machine market. bema GmbH’s customers come from all types of branches: city municipalities, construction, industry, farming and gardening and landscaping.

bema GmbH manufacture mounted sweeping equipment for all kinds of uses and for almost all kinds of carrier vehicles. Their motto is "We're a can-do company!" bema customers around the world are supported by a network of dealers and manufacturing representatives. Their mounted sweeping machines stand for quality and functional design. bema GmbH’s foremost goal is to satisfy the machine and service needs and expectations of our customers. A large part of bema GmbH’s objective is also a continuous improvement in development to benefit customers. You'll see that the ISO certificate is underscored by their company philosophy and dedication to quality.

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