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snow ploughs - bema V800 snowplough

bema V800 snowplough Details:


bema V800 snowplough The V800 Series V-plough is a versatile snow plough, it can be used in V form forward or rear facing also as a straight blade angled left or right. The wear plates are sprung loaded and the robust double acting hydraulic cylinders have pressure limiting valves for protection against collision.

Attaches to:
  • Tractor 
  • Municipal vehicle
  • Forklift
  • Special vehicles
Basic configuration
  • V-plough twist-prof steel construction with spring apron segments and vulkolan trim
  • Heavy duty wheels 200 x 50 mm, greasable with double-hardened rim bearings and reinforced forks, adjustable height
  • Hydraulic swivelling with 2 robust hydraulic cylinders up to 30°, 2 double acting circuit necessary
  • Flexible edge protectors for protection against damage from curbs and walls
  • Series paint finish, two components, orange RAL 2011,CE certification and operating manual 
Optional extra equipment
  • Super-Elastic wheels 200 x 80 mm, greasble roller bearings, withy double-hardened rim bearings and reinforced forks
  • Profi overload protection with 2 double acting pressure limiting valves as a protection against collision
  • Electric 2 way-valve (necessary when a secondary hydraulic circuit (service) is not present) with on/off switch
  • Lighting system (necessary if used on public roads)
  • Special paint finish and special construction on request 


Technical Data bema V 800


V-plough 800
bema v800
bema v800
bema v800
bema v800
bema v800
 Width (over all) 1630mm  1860mm 2120mm  2380mm  2640mm 
 Working width swivelled 30° 1320mm 1550mm  1810mm  2070mm  2290mm 
 Working width in V or Y position 1320mm  1550mm  1810mm  2070mm  2290mm 
 Plough height center/outside 715/815mm  715/835mm  715/855mm  715/875mm  715/915mm 
 Weight without attachment  250kg 275kg   300kg  325kg  350kg



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